Heritage Restoration

Cube Projects employees a team of high quality trades people who understand the need for minimal impact, attention to detail and respect for the building they are working with. We will not only retain and restore a building’s unique heritage attributes, but can also seamlessly update and modernise the building’s amenities and networked facilities.

The comment “what did you do” from a leading architect at the completion of one of our heritage restoration projects was the ultimate compliment. The repair work we had done could not be discerned from the original, which was exactly the outcome we were after.

Record keeping is also an important part of our heritage restoration work as often many items of differing eras are encountered during construction works. Cube projects will carefully catalogue individual items for safe keeping by the client or architect.

Contact us today about how we can make your heritage restoration construction project hassle free and effortless.

You can also review one of our previous heritage restoration Showcase Projects below.

Showcase Projects

  1. Railway Institute External View

    Railway Institute

    This historic building was the first Railways Institute built in Australia and remains substantially unaltered. Designed by Architect H M ...