Northwood Residence

Built on the most prominent point of Northwood on the Lane Cove River this house was designed by architects Form Follows Function.  Cube Projects was engaged during the design phase of the job and provided input to the build-a-bility of the project. The project was built on a cost plus basis with initial estimate being prepared as a reference document for tracking costs. The job was completed to budget.

One of the most notable characteristics of the project are the timber windows and doors. Due to their size they had to be purpose designed by the window manufacturer. The fitting and trimming of these windows was the most singularly time consuming job of the project, with attention to detail being of the highest priority.

Also of considerable note is the wine cellar which was carved out of the sandstone and features timber wine racks and double glazed glass wall separating it from the hall way.

The project took 14 months to complete.